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"The Sky Is Not The Limit. The Limit Is Your Vision"

It is a simple quote, but certainly one that I live by. I approach every aspect of my life as one of limitless potential, and whatever limits may exist are place solely by me. This abundant view of life has served me well in terms of my achievements, the adventures I've embraced, the relationships I've cultivated, and the hard-won luxuries I've accumulated. Every new day offers myriad opportunities for new adventures, new individuals to impact mutually....and untapped possibilities.                                                                                                    So what brings you to me? I'll venture to guess that it's for quite a few same reasons. You too view life as an adventure of limitless possibilities. And you want more. more adventure, more experiences, more thrills, more passion. More...                                                                                 So, who exactly is the women behind the pictures that enchanted you? Well, the origins of my exotic features are the results of Trinidadian and African-American descent. I've been described as fiercely intelligent, stunningly elegant, and possessing ideal mix of sophistication and youthfulness. And did I mention sassy? I have an abundance of sass that's sure to keep you captivated. Rest assured, I also am kind, witty, and fun-loving.                                                                                                                            I make the ideal dinner and travel date, a discreet companion to any event. Whatever the occasion - formal or informal - you can rest assured that you are with a cultured partner with you can always feel at ease. An ideal evening can mean sharing exotic cocktails at an urban lounge, experiencing fine cuisine at a trendy restaurant, or grooving to the sounds of live music . Afterwards, we can let the evening, our moods, and our desires be our guide...                                                                                            Now that we've been introduced, lets really get to know each other. And remember, the sky is no the limit. The limit is our vision. 

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