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Where can I meet you? Can you travel to me?

Currently, I live in Chicago,IL, but I'm happy to meet you in your city- or your city of choice, provided you will pay for my travel expenses.

How will you dress?

It depends on where we meet and the time of day. I would consider my general, everyday style as being feminine, with a touch of sensual elegance for when I dress for the evening. However, I always dress appropriately for the occasion. Of course, if a special outing requires me to be "dressed to kill", I certainly ill transform into exotic, stunner on your arm. *Please specify the occasion(s) so that I can dress accordingly.

Do you take outfit requests?

If there is something in particular you'd enjoy seeing me in, let me know! Depending on the item, and if I don't own it already, I will ask you to either bring it or cover the cost of my purchasing it. I love dressing up (or down), so let me know in your email what you have in mind.

Are you available for same-day engagements?

Same-day and last-minute appointments are rarely possible for new friends. However, I prefer advance notice.

Why do you take deposits?

Deposits show that you are serious about our date and allow me to book our time and plan accordingly. On the rare occasion that I need to cancel our appointment, the full deposit will be returned within 48 hours.

What should I bring to our date? May I bring a gift?

Come as you are, open-minded and ready for our very own exciting adventure. While gifts are never expected, I am always delighted by surprises (what woman doesn't appreciate a thoughtful gift?). Be sure to check out my wish list.

What's your favorite type of food, or do you have a favorite restaurant?

There's not much that I don't enjoy, as I appreciate anything that is savory and decadent. I am especially partial to traditional steak cuisine. As an adventurous person, I'm always happy to visit new restaurants. However, my favorite restaurants include Maple & Ash and Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants.

What are your general weekend and leisurely interests?

I have great love for anything artistic and creative. I enjoy all types of live performances. Spending the day or evening exploring the many things this city has to offer is a real pleasure for me, as there is always something new to see, do, and know. By myself, I like relax by exploring my creativity and painting.

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